About Us

Sodexo, world leader motivation solutions. Since 1976, Sodexo Group has helped to develop and implement solutions to improve the motivation for employees, business associates, and customers.

Sodexo is supported by 420,000 employees from 80 countries to motivate more than 75 million people every day. Sodexo as a pioneer in  integrated concept of motivation solutions by offering motivational programs, loyalty programs and application, to vouchers and cards solutions.

We are like any other company, our people are our greatest asset. People we employ and people we do business with. Based on this conviction, Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services specialises in offering solutions that are specifically designed and tailored to help businesses of all sizes successfully attract, motivate and retain employees and customers.  

Continue the global mission to bring smiles to the whole society, Sodexo Benefits and Indonesia Rewards serving needs of the market in Indonesia by providing innovative services to various types of companies regardless of size and industry background. The services we offer are proven to stimulate the performance of employees, customers, business partners or stakeholders from various companies.