What is Sodexo e-Pass?

Sodexo e-Pass is an electronic shopping voucher that can be accepted in many online shopping sites in Indonesia

Where can i use Sodexo e-Pass?

Right now there are 28 online shopping sites within Sodexo e-Pass merchant network. Some of them are MatahariMall.com,blibli.com, berrybenka.com, hijabenka.co, floweradvisor.com, belowcepek.com, tororo.com, indomog, seroyamart.com, tokopda.com and tees.co.id. For more detail information please visit www.sodexoindonesia.co.id

Can i use my Sodexo e-Pass in MatahariMall.com, blibli.com, berrybenka.com and hijabenka.com?

Yes you can but first you need to convert Sodexo e-Pass voucher code a) Go to www.sodexoindonesia.co.id and clik on the voucher exchange banner. b) Register your valid email address c) Once we have confirmed your email’s validity you will be able to login to the platform using your user name and password. d) Choose one merchant you would like to convert your Sodexo e-Pass voucher to. Is it Mataharimall.com, blibli.com, berrybenka.com or hijabenka.com? e) Each merchant have different regulation on minimum nominal required to exchange f) After the conversion process has been validated by Sodexo, we will send you an email containing your new voucher code.

Can i use one voucher code several time until the total value finished completely?

No you can not. One voucher code is only valid for one transaction.

What if my Sodexo e-Pass voucher is rejected by merchant? Each merchant has different terms and conditions, please refer to www.sodexoindonesia.co.id for detail information or contact our Customer Service (021) 789 1600 at working days from 9 am to 5 pm. Merchants’ terms and conditions are subject to change without any notice.